our association

Our association was founded on the initiative of the author and songwriter Dada Peng alias Mirko Klos in June 2018 and was registered in the register of associations.
The non-profit character of our association in the area of the promotion of the youth welfare service and in the area of the promotion of art and culture was recognized by the tax office Dortmund East by notice of november, 1st, 2018.
We have an office in Dortmund and another one in Hamburg-Eppendorf. We operate throughout Germany and worldwide.
Dortmund, in the middle of Germany and with an optimal infrastructure, is an ideal location for our activities.
Also in Hamburg we cooperate with various theatres and venues and bring the concerns of the young dying into the cultural centre of our society. For example, at the premiere of Dada Peng’s new program “Superheroes fly ahead – about the fortune to have lived” in the Schmidtchen Theater, in the middle of the Reeperbahn in Hamburg.
For us it was a wonderful and courageous evening in one of the most beautiful theatres of all.

To a fabulous time together and to many more beautiful moments and memories!